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His first title 1967 South American Youth

Bocha Gómez

 SU-20 de entrada policer 3 y 29 de marzo de 1967 en the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion, the Argentine team won its first title in the South American Youth. In the first phase was in second place behind local, thanks to a 3-1 victory against Venezuela, a 1-1 draw with Colombia and defeat 1-3 with Paraguay.

              Garcia Cambon is defined in the final against Paraguay.
In the semi-finals Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 on March 26. The coronation was the first game against Paraguay on March 29 after a 2-2 draw at the Estadio Manuel Ferreira.

At the time of the drawing dedicated to Argentina

The definition of the title "Youth of America" was for the currency and the lot was for the Argentine team led by Juan Carlos Gimenez and Mario Imbelloni. The goals were scored by all albiceleste Joseph Pasternak and Joseph Martinez.

El campeón del campus: José Alberto Pérez (Río), Roberto Jorge D'Alessandro (San Lorenzo), Jorge Eduardo Dominici (River)José Gómez (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata), Horacio Tocalini (Chacarita), Carlos Sicilia (Racing), Eduardo Comisso (Río), Jorge Teijón (Deportivo Morón), Marcos Ricciardi (Chacarita), José Martínez (San Lorenzo), Francisco Cibeyra(Río), Héctor Martínez (Racing), José Pasternak (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata), Antonio García ( San Lorenzo), Enrique Wolff (Racing), Juan Loyola (Chacarita), Miguel Coverti (Banfield) y Carlos García Cambón (Chacarita ).

Gomez Jose Luis
Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata 1967
Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata 1968 

Estudiantes La Plata 1969
Estudiantes La Plata 1970
* Total for club: 7 0

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Gimnasia Esgrima La Plata

On 20 November 1966 and the championship round 17 Racing Club (Team José - Juan José Pizzutti) champion, was ranked the city of La Plata to draw with Gimnasia 0-0. Well formed teams: Gimnasia y Esgrima LP: Barnabas Ricardo Romero, Roberto Domingo Rogel, Rosler Antonio José Andrés Martín, Angel Alfredo Sosa, Carlos Alberto Figueroa, Juan Carlos Trebucq, Alfredo Gonzalez, Mario Pardo, José Néstor Borgogno, Carlos Castillo. Racing Club: Luis Angel &aAcute; Carrizo, Roberto Alfredo Perfumo, Ruben Osvaldo Diaz, Oscar Raimundo Martín, Alfio Basile, Reuben, Peter Nelson Chabay Nestor Rambert, Juan Carlos Rulli, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, Juan José Rodríguez, Humberto Dionisio Maschio.Árbitro Guillermo Nimo.
On June 12, 1966 at Boca and Gimnasia third qualifying date 15ay "Wolf" presented in this team: Campagnale, Barros and Marciano Di, Di Placido Gomez and Hope, Novillo, Scianda, Spedaletti, Varela and Pasternak. Substitute Goalkeeper: RodríguezEl game ended 2-2 and the goals are the following: 22 'Valiant (criminal) and 32' Rivero. PT ST: 20 'Pasternak and 43' Scianda (criminal)



Gimnasia was champion of the tournament with only two defeats and a draw in the road and only a local tie, the triumphs of others, and some by a large marker. Note that gymnastics fun in the play won the last six champions: Hugo Ricardo Bernabe Carballo and Romera (archers), Antonio Rosler, Robert Rogers, Martin Andrew, Roberto Di Placido, Alfredo Sosa, Nestor Segovia, Juan C. Trebucq, Borgoño Nestor, Oscar Tomás López, Carlos Castillo, Walter Durso, Joseph Gomez and Jorge Mario Pardo Spedaletti.
CHAMPIONSHIP METROPOLITANOSe were several players and came a little more. Mario Pardo, Robert Rogers and were transferred to Boca Juniors, Antonio Rosler went to San Lorenzo, Independiente and Martin Borgogno Colón de Santa Fe was the Uruguayan Juan Masnik, Salva and Hugo Fernandez, Hector Pignani of Rosario Central, San Jorge Lorenzo Castiglia and goalkeeper and midfielder Udaeta Giordano, both of Temperley.
  Very poor performance with many goals against, just three wins, all local. Gymnastics suffered the biggest defeat ever, 8-0, before Hurricane in Patricios Park. In an exciting match, the classic 1 to 57, tied 3 to 3. The rematch was to forget. After finishing last second in the group was forced to participate in the Championship Reclasificatorio.
Typical training: Hugo Carballo, Masnik Juan and Hugo Fernandez, Roberto Di Placido, Giordano and Alfredo Figueroa and Sosa, Héctor A. Pignani or less, Spedaletti, Trebucq and Castillo. GonzalezTambién played: De Udaeta (goalkeeper), Mocoroa, José Gómez, Londero, Durso, Ale, Casares, Castiglia, Segovia, O. Gonzalez, Comesaña, Maldonado, Ricardo Rezza, Valentín Sánchez and Caprari.

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It was the Tournament of contrasts and unusual definitions. The Delegate of Colombia, Dr. Manuel López de Mesa, thanks in advance to the Paraguayan population, behavior and affection shown to his team convinced that he had been removed without playing the final game of the qualifying round. Argentina won the championship a "heads and tails" against Colombia and Paraguay, respectively.


Colombians in vibrant game tied 1-1 with Argentina, not any Argentina: Goalkeeper "Perico" Doe, "Quique" Wolf, Dominichi, Garcia Cambon, Jose Gomez and Miguel Angel Converti, but lost 3-1 to Venezuela and when all believe it dropped in the final group match against the local archifavorito, we won 3-1. The surprise of the tournament.


Colombia and Argentina finished tied for second place behind Paraguay. To define the classification was used to a game extra. The matching normal and 30 additional minutes were not enough to break the 0-0. The regulation stipulated that depleted these instances, the fate define the tie. Favored currency in Argentina by the same route that became champions against Paraguay.

1967 South American Youth

Round - Group A

6 / 3 Argentina 1-1 Colombia. Gol de Argentina: García Cambon.

12 / 3 3-1 Paraguay Argentina. Gol de Argentina: García Cambon.

19 / 3 Argentina 3-1 Venezuela. Goals in Argentina: García Ameijenda, and J. Cibeyra M. Martínez.

1.Paraguay 3 2 0 8 January to 4 April

2.Argentina 3 1 1 5 January to 3 May

2.Colombia 3 1 1 5 January to 3 May

4.Venezuela 3 1 0 4 February to 2 August


22 / 3 Argentina 0-0 Colombia

Colombia beat Argentina by lot.


26 / 3 Argentina 2-0 Brazil. Argentina Goals: J. M. Martinez and Garcia Cambon.


29 / 3 Argentina 2-2 Paraguay. Argentina Goals: Pasternak (instead joined the ST Wolff) and Riccardi. Stadium: Pto Saxony. Referee: Cesar Orozco (Peru).

Argentina beat Paraguay by lot. Argentina captain, Dominichi, attended the draw.

Argentina Selection: On the last cut left out of the final list José Pekerman, Cesar and Ruben Laraignée Suñe.

· José A. Pérez (River)

Played at: River (1969-74), Independent (1975), SF Union (1976-77) and Platense (1978). In the first division of AFA played 331 games. He was champion of the Libertadores '75 with Independiente.

· Jorge Dominichi (River)

Played at: River (1967-1973) and Gimnasia LP (1978). In the first division of AFA played 136 games with 7 goals. He also played Hercules (1975-77).

· José Gómez (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata)

· Carlos Siciliano (Racing)

Played on: Quilmes (1967-70 67 games) and Hurricane (1971-72 23 games). In the first division of AFA played 73 games with 1 goal.

· Jorge Teijón (Moron) (2)

He played for: San Martín (Tuc.) (1970-72) and Belgrano Cba. (1973-74), 43 games 2 goals.

· José M. Martínez (San Lorenzo)

He played for San Lorenzo (1967-68), Quilmes (1969-70), Gimnasia LP (1971) and Union (1977). In the first division of AFA played 103 games with 11 goals. He also played in Colombia and Ecuador. '67 Metropolitan was champion with San Lorenzo.

· Hector J. Martinez (Racing)

Played at: Newell's (1969-72 92 games), Independiente (1973 23 games) and Hurricane (1974 16 games with 1 goal). In the first division of AFA played 116 games with 5 goals. In Independent was Libertadores Champion '73 and '73 Intercontinental.

· Mario Ricciardi (Chacarita)

· José Pasternak (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata)

· Antonio García Ameijenda (San Lorenzo)

He played for San Lorenzo (1967-74), Estudiantes (1975), Hurricane (1978) and Gimnasia LP (1979). In the first division of AFA played 183 games with 30 goals. He also played in Spain.

· Carlos M. Garcia Cambon (Chacarita)

He played in: Chacarita (1967-73) and Boca (1974-76). In the first division of AFA played 301 games with 79 goals. Chacarita was with the Metropolitan Champion '69. It is the only player who scored 4 goals in a Superclásico, when it debuted in the first xeneize (1). Garcia Cambon Boca played 105 games with 33 goals. Metropolitan Champion was '76 and '76 National. It later passed by Union and returned to Chacarita.

· Enrique Wolff (Racing)

He played in: Racing (1967-72), River (1973-74), Argentine (1979) and Tigre (1981). In the first division of AFA played 207 games with 36 goals. So did in Las Palmas (1974-77) and Real Madrid (1977-79, Champions League twice with Real Madrid). He played the '74 World. In Racing: '67 5 games, 13 games '68, '69, 22 games, 39 games 70, 46 games 40 games '71 and '72, 165 games.

· Robert J. D'Alessandro (San Lorenzo)

He played for San Lorenzo (1968-1974). In the first division of AFA played 57 games. He also played in Salamanca (1974).

· Francisco Cibeyra (River)

He played for River (1969-71-72) Union SF (1970), Atlanta (1975-76) and Boca (1977 16 games with 2 goals). In the first division of AFA played 98 games with 12 goals.

· Miguel Angel Converti (Banfield)

He played for Banfield (1968-71), Chacarita (1973-74), San Lorenzo (1979), Quilmes (1982) and Hurricane (1982-83). In the first division of AFA played 163 games with 46 goals. Leon also played in Mexico, Toluca, Defensores de Lima, Espanyol, Millonarios (1957-1977), Junior (1981-82) and Portuguesa de Venezuela. And he played in the rise: Banfield (was tournament top scorer with 24 goals 1ra.B 1985), Atlanta (1ra.B 1986) and Defense and Justice (Nat B 1986-87).

· Horacio Tocalini (Chacarita) (2)

He played in the rise in Communications and Flanders, 171 games with 11 goals.

· Eduardo Comisso (River)

He played in: Independent (1969-75), Chacarita (1978) and Students (1979). In the first division of AFA played 232 games with 2 goals. He also played Hercules (1975-78). In Independent was Champion: '70 Metropolitan, Metropolitan '71, '72 Libertadores, American '72, '73 Libertadores, Intercontinental '73, '74 Libertadores, American Libertadores '74 and '75.

· Juan Loyola (Chacarita)

He played in: Chacarita (1969) and San Lorenzo MDP (1972-1981). In the first division of AFA played 53 games 15 goals. In 1968 he played for Aucas.

DT. Juan Carlos Gimenez (Hurricane Racing 1947-50 and 1951-57 207 games at first division. In Racing: 26 games '51 (Champion), '52 27 games, 23 games, '53, '54 24 games, 19 games '55, 30 matches '57 '56 and 21 games. South American Champion '57) and Mario Imbelloni

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The decade of the '70s: a big celebration at the end

Tras la consagración en 1967Argentina participated in five tournaments for Youth 70, when he tallied a runner (1979) and two third place finishes (1971 and 1975).

As defending champion, Argentina's national team was presented from 1 to March 25, 1971 in the same place where he won four years earlier. Argentina Paraguay lost 2-1 to Uruguay in the semifinals and third place on the podium along with Peru, who fell in the other semfiinal against Paraguay, who won this year its only South American title in 1974 categoría.En American youth South Chile (3-24 March in Santiago, Concepcion, and Arica), Argentina fell again in the semifinals, this time 0-2 against Brazil, but also to reaffirm their third place because he lost the next game against Paraguay 0-1.Al following year, in Lima, Peru (between 9 and 26 August) all albiceleste finished third in the tournament behind Uruguay, who won on penalties, and Chile. played in Venezuela 1977 South American qualifying for the first Youth World Cup in Tunisia with a national team that finished fourth in Group B after two draws (1-1 to 0-0 with Uruguay and Venezuela) and two losses (1-2 of 1 to 2 with Paraguay and Peru). Two years later, 12 to 31 in 1979, in Montevideo, Argentina was in second place after finishing second in the final plaza dedicated to Uruguay. In the final round drew 0-0 with Paraguay, the same result against Uruguay and Brazil won 1-0. This was a prelude to the dedication of world class for the first time in Japan that same year with Diego Maradona as the standard.

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Year Country Club Division

1965-1968 Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata 1st

1967 Argentina Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata 1st Champion Promotional

Selection Paraguay 1968 South American Champion Argentina Sub 20

Team Canada 1969 Argentina Winnipe Sub Sub 20 Pan-American Champion

1968-1971 Argentina Estudiantes Libertadores de America Triple Crown winner

San Jose Oruro Bolivia 1975-1976 1st.

1st Municipal Peru 1978-1979

1st Arequipa Peru 1980-1981

Temuco Chile 1981-1983 1st Gredos

Argentina Fernández Oro 1984-1985 Black 1st Prov Rio


Year Country Club Category

1988 Argentina Roque S. Peña Province Champion 1st Don Orione

1989-1990 Argentina Province San Lorenzo Roque S. Peña 1st Champion

1991 Argentina Alvear Prov ctes 1st Runner Up

1992 Argentina Alvear Champion 1st Prov ctes

1996 Argentina Prov ctes General Classification 1st Freedom

2002 Argentina Boca ctes United Prov Argentino B Classification